Hello and welcome!

Rewriting stars is a window into my world and a continuously evolving platform. I share my experiences and aspirations and hope that you will find something that sparks you.

It started off as a site where I’d plug my yoga teaching schedule alongside insights from my practice and later became a space (or ‘placeholder’) where I had the great intentions of being one of those cool traveller mums who blogs, homeschools, does yoga and everything else.

Plans changed and I got swept away by my new life as a traveller. The yoga (sometimes!) but the homeschooling became ‘unschooling’, the blogging became ‘optional’ but living in the moment, non-negotiable… We spent nine months on the road in total, travelling from Mexico to Peru and Thailand to India. It was an immense blessing (especially since we’re still in Lockdown here in the UK) and we created tonnes of magical memories for which I’m forever-grateful for.

We returned home to St Albans nearly two years ago and now this little site is going to be a space where I share my work experience and skills… I’m currently half-way through my UX diploma and the goal is to be part of a purposeful organisation that delivers net positive gains to the word and one that allows me to contribute by developing functional, emotional and frictionless experiences that move people – and sell.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Reach out, should you have any queries or requests.

Best always, Resh