Aligning ducks

It’s been a bumpy year indeed and since returning from our epic travels in May 2019 things just haven’t unravelled the way I (or any of us!) anticipated. I’m currently ‘in transit’ on many levels, getting my ducks in a row, creating a life that works ‘with’ me.

I undertook a couple of valuable consultancy roles upon returning from my travels. They highlighted my desire for evolving and pivoting. I decided to upskill in a way that aligned to my core skills and passions. I’m a problem solver and pattern seeker but most of all, I love people. People are my jam, I’m an empath and so it felt natural that I gravitated towards studying UX. US is foremost a problem-solving discipline which holds the wants and needs of the user at the heart of all endeavours. I love this quote by Jesse James Garrett, “What makes people passionate, pure and simple, is great experiences. If they have a great experience with your product [and] they have great experiences with your service, they’re going to be passionate about your brand, they’re going to be committed to it.”

I started my UX Diploma in September 2020 and at the moment, between homeschooling and freelance projects I’m working through the curriculum and chipping away at coursework.

My portfolio will land soon…

Affinity diagram workshop in progress

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