The night before departure

The bags are packed (quite likely overpacked), the lists are crossed (I’m sure I’ve forgotten something), the kids are prepped (I’m worried they’ll get homesick) and Sat and I have hardly had a moment to ‘check-in’ between admin, renting out our home and getting the business in order.

People have shared so many lovely wishes (thanks guys) and I’ve been asked if I’m excited about the ‘extended trip’ but honest answer is not yet. It’s been relentless. Honestly, right now, I’m feeling truly grateful for a wonderful and supportive family and friends and, the opportunity to travel… but I’m also feeling bewildered.

This is ‘part 3’ for me. I traveled on my own in my early 20s, with Sat in our early 30s and now at 39, we’re taking our kids (4 and 7) away… A huge leap and a very different kind of travel. I anticipate great joy, wonder and lessons ahead for all of us. I just pray for good health and for each day to be received as a true gift.

Will keep you posted and will share more on the packing process, getting ‘the house in order’ and managing a young family.

Thanks for stopping by! I’ll post some pics when figure out how!

All me love, Rx

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