Course correction

Things changed for me as 2017 landed.

Teaching yoga was still a joy but I felt the gentle pull of a previous life. One of routine, regular income and office banter. So by April 2017, I found myself back in full time work, receiving what I’d asked for (the universe has my back, baby!) and I was happy and grateful of the role and opportunities it offered.

Fast forward to June 2018 and I am still happy but a lot (a heck of a lot!) has changed.

Sat and I have decided to take some time out with the kids. Proper ‘time out’. We’re taking the kids out of school for the year, putting our stuff into storage and renting our pretty suburban home in St Albans, in England.

The tide of life’s daily grind had swept us away life and ‘quality time’ as a couple and family was becoming more and more scarce. So ‘why not? we thought… we’d heard about people doing it (and not regretting it!) so we thought we’d give give it a shot! We’re conducting a ‘lifestyle design experiment’, (as Tim Ferris aptly puts it) and our aim is to work smarter, home-school and travel. It’s a mammoth decision to take because where we live in St. Albans is lovely and on the surface everything is ‘fine’ but something was missing and the world is waiting…

Totally bonkers in many respects  but anything is possible (with a boat load of drive and a vision for the future!)

We leave for Tulum, Mexico on 30th August… 13 weeks and counting.




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