Reclaiming the moves

Earth music

Its poetic and believed to be true; in 2010 researchers revealed that in the womb, our heartbeat syncronises to our mothers’. For me, this idea that we have an instinctive calling or desire to connect to a rhythm greater than ourselves is something quite amazing (and super special to ponder – especially over a cup of tea and some dark chocolate orange).
And, although it may seem radical to some, I know I’m not alone, the concept of living in sync or in flow with the cycles and seasons or ‘rhythms’ that Mother Nature enfolds us within resonates deeply with others too. It feels natural, inherent and quite frankly, virtuous. 

Of course, it’s all a bit ‘righteous’ to say that we should move to
nature’s beat but the reality of daily life tells a very different story… We have evolved (or ‘devolved’ as some might say). We have endless needs and wants (and bills) – and this is how the matrix works but we all know there’s a glitch. And i
f we take a mindful moment to take the ‘pill’, we can awake from our sleep of auto-pilot.

How did we get here? And when did this deep-seated, universal intelligence of nature’s
rhythm become devoid?

Now I digress a little here but stay with me, Stephen Kotler, describes the word ‘flow’ in relation to ‘transient hypo-frontality’ which sounds a teeny tiny bit complex but basically he’s referring to ‘flow’, that is when parts of the brain slow down in preparation for peak performance and this goes for us – not only for athletes but musicians, scientists, artists, philosophers, yogis – yes, we can all gain and reclaim access.

And it’s this idea of ‘slowing down’ and moving to the beat of nature’s drum that I’m most interested in. I want to access this ‘sweet spot’.

I want to feel exhilaration, freedom and joy and I want to experience time dilation but when I look at myself in the context of a regular mum of two, mostly in overdrive or auto-pilot, being in a flow sate feels like a distant dream. It’s more a case of, “Shree where’s your school bag and your water bottle?! Get your shoes on! …We’re running late now! How many times have I told you….” and so the story goes on.

ParadoxQuite frankly, at times, I’ve become detached to the grand scheme and absorbed by my small world… Now there’s a paradox. And at best, I could say that days have passed me by and at other times, when things aren’t so picture-perfect, I’ve led, as Thoreau said, “a life of quiet desperation”.

So being stressed, in addition to no longer coalescing  with the Earth’s rhythmic flow leaves us open to being in a state of prolonged stress. Not ideal.

So how do we reconnect to our Mother’s beating heart and how do we rekindle the magic in every moment like a child? The answer is out there and its relatively simple once we’re able to get out of our heads and awaken our ‘heartminds’. Yes, corny-sounding but true and if you feel like switching off over now then I really wish you’d stay – even more so – to give me a chance to explain how cultivating a practice of self compassion and channeling our deeper wisdom can lead us back to source and natures flow.

There are specific practices that guide us in the right direction. Some of these include

Concentration – By using the breath as an anchor we can develop present moment awareness
Open field monitoring – By noticing whats arising and passing away, we can develop non-judgement and non-resistance
Loving-kindness or Tonglen meditations – By engages in these meditations we can allow ourselves to develop compassion in the presence of suffering.
MBSR and MBCT – Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction or Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy is a therapy thats growing in popularity and is dubbed, The 8 Week Course. As a starting point for someone serious about wanting to work through stress or depression and freeing themselves form chronic unhappiness – This is a possibility to check out. You can find local registered teachers that offer courses at BeMindful. I underwent to the course recently and I can’t tell you how much I have benefitted.

Ultimately, for me its about creating space. Space to move to the beat, to respond (gracefully) to the beat.

By making space for ourselves, we can receive what is present, we can be with it and we can usher past it too.

EntrainmentYoga, free-form movement and dance offer access to this spaciousness and self-compassion too.

When we ‘make space’ to move freely; to move gently through yoga asanas or when we dance unboundedly, we’re able to hear the song of our body and as one of my beautiful teachers, Catherine Annis so eloquently says, “the body reveals its history to us through the patterns it creates”.

I know I’ve meandered a little but hopefully you feel that my message is quite simple… Love yourself first. The world will follow.

In love, Resh x

2 thoughts on “Reclaiming the moves”

  1. Great Resh – thought provoking stuff! We are all stuck on the great flippin hamster wheel of life and we all need to take time every so often to recharge our thoughts and energies. And it is so easy to do – as long as we are aware of our natural surroundings, or more importantly – choose to be aware of them, a few moments spent just seeing and listening can be enough to give us the boost and re-charge to get back on the wheel. For example……….. seeing daffodils smiling in the early spring sunshine, hearing proper evening bird song after the dearth of winter, watching squirrels chase each other round and round a tree (it makes very entertaining viewing!). These simple little delights are happening all around us on a daily basis – and they are free! And we all know it is the simple things in life that matter!

    Keep up the good work lovely xxxx


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